Las Cruces Slip & Fall Attorney

Slip and fall cases fall under premises liability law. Slip and fall cases tend to be among the most common premises liability cases that happen. A slip and fall accident can happen if you are in a business or on private property in Las Cruces. This means if you hurt yourself due to negligence of the business or property owner, you could be entitled to some amount of financial compensation. To find out for sure call Ruhmann Law Firm a personal injury law firm in Las Cruces, they will then be able to talk through your accident with you. Talking to a lawyer allows you to determine if this is the law firm you want to hire, as well as give them the opportunity to see if you have a case or not. If you do have a case the more information you are bale to give them the better. This is very important because they are going to have to give evidence that the business was negligent and that is the only reason as to why you were injured.


Having a lawyer represent you in your slip and fall case will give you a better opportunity to get more compensations. The Las Cruces slip and fall attorneys from, Ruhmann Law Firm have a great track record of getting their clients compensation. They know you hired them for a reason, and the reason is to pay for the medical bills that you only have because someone else was negligent. It is important to hold business liable for these accidents so they can take action before someone else gets hurt in the same way. The Las Cruces personal injury law firm, Ruhmann Law Firm will stop at nothing to get you a fair amount of compensation.

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