Expungement Lawyer in Century City

The main duties of a lawyer from the law firm Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C dealing with expungement law firm in Century City. At the stage of preliminary investigation, the Century City expungement lawyer performs the following duties: collection of evidence base in a criminal case; drawing up petitions, applications, complaints, other procedural documents; presence at investigative actions, during interrogations, confrontations, etc .; interaction with state authorities in the course of criminal prosecution; the appeal of the chosen preventive measure, violations of the law during detention in the detention facility. Professional defense after the announcement of the indictment moves to a new stage, now begins legal proceedings.


Powers of the Century City attorney are transformed, he appears in court, actively participates in the examination of evidence, including: forms a line of defense, choosing the most effective ways of upholding the rights of the accused, the victim; draws up procedural documents, appeals decisions at all stages of the process; gets acquainted with the materials of the criminal case in full; has the right to initiate at the request of the client the appeal of the sentence, represents the interests of the defendant in the criminal case on appeal and cassation instances. Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C are a criminal law firm in Century City.

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