Spousal Support Attorney Located in Orange


It is very rare that a divorce is cut and dry. That you decide to separate and you get a lawyer you sign some papers and the divorce is seamless. If you were married for a long period of time spousal support is likely to be brought up. If you were without a job during your marriage because your spouse was making enough for you to stay home, in a divorce you might not have enough funds to make ends meet. You could have been out of a job for so long that your skills are not relevant in today’s job market, and things of that nature. This is why spousal support is a thing in Orange, California. In that case the spouse would pay you spousal support to help you be able to pay bills and survive on your own.


Any good spousal support attorney Orange, knows that each spousal support case is different. It depends on how long you were married, how long you were out of work, how much money the spouses are making, and other factors such as those. Some spousal support is for life, others just for a few years. If you believe you are entitled to some amount of spousal support you should contact Zwierzchowski & Nguyen a family law firm in Orange. They will be able to review your case and see what your options are. To see if you are able to apply for spousal support and how much you can expect to get.

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