Probate Lawyer from Pearland

There are two types of probate in the state of Texas, one being independent administration and the other being dependent administration. In probate you will need to establish debts, distribution, appraisals, and validity. When you think it is time to discuss your future, you may need a probate lawyer. Hiring a Pearland probate lawyer can help you understand the whole process. This is to make the process that much easier. Businesses can be included in some cases of probate which is why having a skilled Pearland lawyer is super important.


Having more information is better than not having enough. Which is why calling Stepp & Sullivan, P.C. an estate planning law firm in Pearland can be of great value to you. They can help you with more than just probate, they can help with estate planning, wills and trusts, and even family law. This is a law firm that has handled countless types of cases, and their experience will then help you get the best results you need.

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