Criminal Lawyer in Denton

If an accused person, without consulting a lawyer for criminal law, has made incriminating statements to law enforcement authorities, a defense lawyer will first check whether this information is usable or that there is a prohibition of exploitation. Here plays an essential role regularly, whether the accused at the beginning of the hearing in a permissible manner has been instructed gem. and whether the law enforcement authorities prohibited interrogation methods have applied.

At the beginning of the first hearing, an accused person is to be instructed in particular about the offense to which he is accused and which penal provisions are to be considered. Furthermore, he should be informed that he is free to comment on the allegations or not to testify. A defendant is still to be taught that he is free to interrogate a defense lawyer even before the hearing. In order not to make any statements which can no longer be corrected, these rights should be urgently called upon. As a defendant, therefore, one should not give any information to the police, but rather turn to a criminal lawyer.

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