Common Mistakes in Hiring a Business Lawyer

The advice of a business lawyer in Rick Dane Moore & Associates Law Firm is sought at one time or another by every successful business in the area. There are plenty of reasons that a business might do so, but there are also some fundamental mistakes that are made time and time again. Don’t let your business be one.

The most common adverse decision is to hire a business lawyer only when you are in some legal trouble. This attorney will have to come up to speed on your business, your practices, the exact situation, and your options. This is going to take a lot of extra time, all of which you will pay for and which could adversely affect your business if you must remain closed or under restrictions during the process.

It’s much smarter to have an ongoing relationship with an attorney with the help of PLLC. He or she will then be very familiar with you, your business, and every process. He or she will also be more likely to view you as a human being who needs help, so you’ll get better service. And of course, if you’re consulting with your attorney routinely, you’re less likely to find yourself in legal trouble in the first place.

Another common mistake is to hire a family member who practices law in a different specialty. It’s probably best to hire a neutral individual – but the real problem here is in assuming that all lawyers know the same stuff. A business lawyer – just like a malpractice attorney or a criminal lawyer – understands his or her specialty in depth. Choosing anyone else means that you won’t get the same kind of deep knowledge, with results ranging from a loss of opportunity to a complete disaster.

You should also not hire the first attorney you come across, even if he or she has been recommended to you. Recommendations are great, and you should get them, but before you decide, interview at least three different attorneys. Compare their approaches, fees, and availability.

There needs to be trusted on both sides of the lawyer-client relationship, so you will also want to evaluate how comfortable you feel with each of the attorneys you talk to. If you find that you wouldn’t feel comfortable asking a question, or sharing potentially embarrassing information, you should not go with that particular attorney.

One last thing to keep in mind is that you have to be a partner in your legal health. If your attorney asks you for something, provide it and within the agreed time frame. Not only will this lose you money by expanding billable hours, but you will lose favor with your attorney who begins to see you as an aggravation, not the best light to be held in.

Hiring a business lawyer in Norman from Rick Dane Moore & Associates Law Firm is a smart decision if you are operating a business in the area. You will always benefit from legal advice, in every aspect of your business. Don’t wait until you are in trouble. 

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