Alimony Attorney from Long Beach

Zwierzchowski & Nguyen are a very professional, and highly qualified family law firm that is located in Long Beach, California. They have the skill set that is required for a lawyer to confidently take on an alimony case. Alimony is not something that is simple. There are so many different and various factors that go into an alimony case. Many people believe that if you were married for ten years it is automatic lifetime alimony. While sometimes that is the case, it is not a guarantee. Your best option is to contact Zwierzchowski & Nguyen a family law firm in Long Beach to see what your options are.



The Long Beach family law firm, Zwierzchowski & Nguyen is waiting to assist you in your alimony case. Having their expertise on your side will be greatly beneficial. Having this law firm represent you is one of the best decisions you can make. Zwierzchowski & Nguyen can help you if you are the one seeking alimony or the one trying to fight the alimony. They have experience on both sides. Their Long Beach alimony attorneys are prepared to help you in the best way possible. When you are thinking about if you are eligible for alimony you will need to think about how long you have been married, how much money was being made during the marriage, who was the main supporter during the marriage, and what skill sets you still have in the workplace. The best way to know if you qualify is to speak to Zwierzchowski & Nguyen.

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