A Truck Accident Lawyer from Whittier

How truck accidents happen in Whittier.


When you're driving down the road, it's not uncommon to see a truck up ahead. While they certainly have their place on the highway and aren't going away anytime soon, truck drivers and truckers alike need to be held accountable for the damage that they cause in trucking accidents. After all, there is an inherent danger to truck accidents, with the sheer amount of weight that truck drivers are hauling behind them.


When trucking companies hire truck drivers, they need to do thorough background checks and ensure that truckers are capable of carrying out their job duties safely. Trucking companies also need to make sure that truck drivers' trucks are inspected regularly so as to make sure they are safe. If you were in a truck accident, you will want to hire a Whittier truck accident lawyer.


What truck accidents look like in Whittier.


If a trucker has put in the proper time and effort, he or she will have learned how to maneuver their truck safely through traffic. However, truck drivers can get tired just like everyone else, and truckers can also get distracted easily, especially if they're listening to the radio or texting behind the wheel.


When truck drivers get trucking accidents, they typically do so in one of two ways: truck drivers either lose control of their truck and run off the road, or truck drivers have a blowout and collide with another vehicle on the side of the road. Every case is different, call Hanning & Sacchetto, LLP a personal injury law firm in Whittier to handle this.

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